Mossaz @ Empire City

Mossa meaning “Play” in Italian, rise up for the second nature that Zone 7 of Empire City offers, fun and excitement all in one place.

  • Mossaz Tower:

    • 40 Storeys of Office Suites
    • 6 Levels of Car Park
    • 1 Level of Retail Units – Own by Developer (Ground Floor)
    • 38 Levels of Office Suite (Level 1 to Level 38)
    • 1 Level of Sky Facility
  • Land Tenure: Leasehold
  • Land Area: Gross 4.5 acres (Approximately 18,210.90sqm / 196,020sqft)
  • Land Usage: Commercial
  • Total Unit: 1,117 Units
  • Units per Floor: Approximately 30 Units
  • Lift: 5 Passenger Lifts + 1 Service Lift

Empire City @ Petaling Jaya


Site Map

Empire City Site Map

12 Towers

 12 Towers of Empire City

Cinema Hall

  • Cinema Hall is a premier entertainment space in Empire City to provides movie, performance and hotel experiences. Capable of hosting different forms of events and entertainment at various unique theatre Includes several Food & Beverage outlets ranging from Western to Asian cuisine.
  • Large Screen Format Cinema with a fixed stage and private viewing boxes equipped with internal sound systems.
  • This is where special performances can be held as well. The hall is equipped with the latest sound system and laser projectors.
  • Premiere Theatre features balcony seatings and private twin seats shaped like an egg.
  • Kids’ Cinema was designed with family needs in mind which features 112 family-friendly seats suitable for children and their families and a playland managed by child minders located just next to the cinema.
  • Corporate Event has a seating capacity of 112 and is equipped for live streaming.
  • It offers a viewing experience consisting of a private theater, dining area, lounge, and bar for hosting
    a group of friends, families, or even a corporate viewing party.
  • There is a Moonlight Cinema, located on the rooftop enable viewers to enjoy the ultimate movie
    experience. Hotel guests or visitors of private events can enjoy motion pictures directly under the

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